Root'n-Score-It -- Express Setup

Life in the fast lane
Surely make you lose your mind
Life in the fast lane, everything all the time
Life in the fast lane, uh huh
Blowin' and burnin', blinded by thirst
They didn't see the stop sign,
took a turn for the worse

Root'n-Score-It is designed to make the processing of rooting your NOOK Simple Touch to run PractiScore as easy and painless as possible. There are 4 basic steps to the process:

  1. Create the microSD card with the RASI image
  2. Power on the NOOK with the microSD card installed
  3. Press a few buttons
  4. PractiScore!

The first step is to create the microSD card image with RASI on it. Before we can create the image, you'll need a microSD card that's at least 2GB, like any of these. The cards are available everywhere, and shouldn't cost more than $5 or so, even at the expensive places. On line, they can be had for a couple bucks. We HIGHLY recommend obtaining a microSD card for each NOOK, plus one extra for RASI.

The primary reason for this is that if you use Dropbox, you HAVE to have a microSD card installed for Dropbox to download files. But even if you're connecting the NOOK to your PC for updating or to transfer files, it's easier and safer to use the microSD card than the internal storage on the NOOK.

These cards aren't anything special. You don't need a "Class 10" card for a NOOK. If you don't know what a Class 10 card is, or the difference between a Class 4 and Class 10 card, don't worry about it. The cheapest 2GB card you can find should work. You can use a larger card if you have one, but we don't think you should waste money on larger cards (there are smaller ones available, but they're getting hard to find. If a 2GB card is hard to find, you can use a larger one without any problems).

If you don't already have one, you'll also need an adapter to plug the microSD card into your computer. Many laptops and media PCs have a microSD card slot. If it doesn't, you'll want a USB-based adapter, like this one. Any adapter that supports microSD card should work, this particular one is nice and small (and I know it works).

The process for creating the RASI microSD card varies, depending on what operating system you're using. Click on the link below for whichever operating system you're using. At the end of each of those pages is a link that will take you to the page with next steps in the Express install.

Errr... If your operating system isn't one of the ones listed above, you're kinda on your own. These are the big three, and if you're running something obscure like OS/2, BeOS or Xenix, you'll have to ask Mr. Google or consider moving into the 90's. May I suggest Windows For Workgroups?

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