Root'n-Score-It is an easy-to-use package that 'fixes' a Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch (NST) or NOOK Simple Touch GlowLight (NST/G) to allow PractiScore to be used on it.

WARNING! Only the older 2GB NOOK GlowLights (BNVR350) can be rooted with RASI. The new 4GB NOOK GlowLights (BNRV500) cannot because they do not have an SD card slot.

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Although the NST uses the Android operating system, it has been 'closed' so that 3rd party applications can't be run on it. B&N does this to drive eBook sales to themselves, and to reduce customer service calls ("Why can't I play Angry Birds on my Simple Touch?!? It runs Android, right?"). And while it's a very capable e-reader, as handheld tablets go, it's somewhat limited. Nonetheless, because of its cost, very sunlight readable screen, and phenominal battery life, it's just about perfect for use with PractiScore.

Root'n-Score-It (or 'RASI') is a bootable SD card image that enables the NST to run 3rd-party applications (called 'rooting'), installs PractiScore, and tunes a number of configuration options to make the user experience more pleasant. Plus, "Root'n-Score-It" is just fun to say.

Unlike the previous NST rooting processes (TouchNooter and NookManager), which were somewhat complex and required knowing things the average user shouldn't need to worry about, RASI does nearly everything for you. There's three little things RASI can't do for you, but it'll take just a few seconds to do it. Then, *boom*, you're PractiScoring!

This website is intended to help every level of user, from "I just bought some NOOKs and want to run PractiScore" to "How does this work, and what's it *really* doing?". Hopefully we've covered all the bases, but if not, we're always open to suggestions. If you think there's something that could be improved, drop a note at the email address below.

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